Săptămâna trecută, prietena noastră (a mea şi a încă trei fete cucuiete), englezoaica Holly Norbron, a venit în vizită în România. Fiind prima dată când venea aici, a fost foarte încântată, mai ales că se aştepta la mult mai rău după tot ce-i povestisem noi despre ţara lui Papură Vodă. Ceea ce urmează, sunt cuvintele ei:
Bucharest: I was a bit scared by the crazy drivers and overcrowded buses but I really liked the city centre, especially the park and the arch and tree-lined boulevards – very Parisienne!! There were also some very impressive buildings, like the government, palace, check and court. I just wish I had enough money to shop in the designer boutiques!!
Sigisora (is that how you spell it?): This place was really cool and the little cobbled streets and spooky towers gave it a very dracula-esque feel. The highlight was going up the tower and getting the most amazing view over the town. Also enjoyed the journey on the Harry Potter train from Bucharest!
Sibiu: Really impressive, especially the square and the gothic style church.
Brasov: It was dissapointing that it rained all day but still had a really nice day here shopping and looking round the black church.
Overall, I loved my trip especially because I got to see how and where you and girls live.
PS: Urmează şi pozele…

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  • Exista un „Harry Potter Train” in Bucuresti? E haios sa vezi ca un strain stie sa aprecieze si ce mai e bun in tara asta, dar continua sa ma streseze ca toti stiu numai de Dracula, Hagi si, eventual, Nadia Comaneci.

    P.S. mersi ca m-ai adaugat in roll.

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